A Saturday Story – Just for Some Fun

Jubilee seemed better this morning, all things considered.

But right now is a different story.  She wants me to call the doctor. And although that won’t do anything, she doesn’t understand that.  The pain is just rough and seems to come in waves.  Ugh.  At least there was some improvement this morning, which would mean 2 steps forward, one back – so we’ll be thankful for that.

Anyway, on this beautiful Saturday I have an enjoyable story to share.

This sweet community we live in has been a wonderful blessing.  And recently we were contacted because a friend had recommended that our family be  featured in the community magazine.   The magazine asked, we said yes and were interviewed with pictures included.

The article came out and they did a great job.  We were really blessed.  One of the pictures they put in with the article was this one  – with special thanks to my sweet friend Megan who so beautifully photoshopped Vern in first and then added Birdie.

Family2014-edit w-birdie_edited-1 (2)

So the other day Dw was over at our next neighbor’s home talking to the husband, Gregg.

(If you missed the post about them, it’s here.  They are truly the sweetest folks on the earth.  They are such a crazy, wonderful and over-the-top answer to prayer to be right next door!!)

As Dw and Gregg finished up their time together Gregg questioned, “Hey could you guys use some bulk spaghetti noodles and pancake mix?”  Dw eagerly said we could.

It turns out that our neighbor, Gregg, had been with one of his friends who had helped to sponsor a large gathering.  The bulk noodles and pancake mix were left over.  The friend asked Gregg if he could use it for a food pantry he’s part of.  Gregg told the friend, “We only use smaller sizes to give away in the pantry, however, our next door neighbors are a large family and I bet they could use it.”

The friend said, “Get out.”

Gregg said, “No, seriously.  They are a big, big family and I’m sure they could use it all.”

The friend then said, “Well they can’t be as bad as that family in the magazine.”

Gregg laughed and said, “It is THAT family in the magazine – they live right next door to us.”

We have laughed quite a bit about that.

Yes, we are that family.

3 thoughts on “A Saturday Story – Just for Some Fun

  1. Oh my goodness! I can only imagine the man’s face when he learned y’all were THAT family. Lol.
    Praying for your sweet Jubillee. It hurts my momma heart to hear she’s so uncomfortable. Hoping lots of momma hugs will help take the edge off. Xoxo

  2. Hi Linny,

    Do you have a link to the article? Or are you allowed to scan and post it to your website? I would love to read it. Whenever my mom knows someone in the community magazine, she drops off her copy to them. Hope you are getting numerous copies at your door.

    Hope Jubilee is feeling well soon!

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