Hardworking Farmers

We’re currently cruising through the beautiful farmland of Missouri taking in all the scenes of beautiful barns, old farmhouses and gorgeous wildflowers on the roadside.

Before leaving Arizona Dw and his closest friend, Stan, were talking on the phone.  Stan is an agribusinessman with an enormous farm outside the town Dw grew up in.  While talking, Stan asked Dw to take some pictures of the farmland going across the country so he could see what it looked like as he’d heard the farms and fields were terribly flooded.  True enough, we have noticed many, many rivers with their banks not even remotely visible but instead flooded into the fields nearby with miles of acres completely overtaken by water.



Days, weeks, months and perhaps even years can easily pass without thinking about the farmers who persevere to provide food, meat and dairy products for our country. They work tirelessly, often up long before the sun even begins to rise and most days only heading back to the house for dinner long after the sun has gone down.  They probably are one of the least appreciated professions.  In fact, to my knowledge, I’ve never heard of a “Farmers Appreciation Day”.

For us, hanging out at Stan and Michelle’s farm is one of the highlights of our summer- we are big fans of farmers! While growing up my cousins had a farm about 30 miles from Buffalo and I used to daydream (basically every single day) of ways that I could go live (permanently) at the farm with them.  Simple beauty is woven in the workings of a farm and it beckons us to stop and thank the Lord for those who work so hard while praying for bounty in their steadfast efforts.

Pray with us for the diligent, hardworking farmers and their families who depend on their crops for income.


6 thoughts on “Hardworking Farmers

  1. Amen. Most of us take farmers for granted. My husband has a theory that farmers should be paid a base salary of $100,000 per year. Where would we be without them?

  2. Welcome to my home state! I live in the Kansas City area and we’ve been hit hard with flooding and tornadoes this year, but the farming people are resilient. It is so amazing to witness neighbors helping neighbors and strangers pitching in. Heartwarming! Safe travels to your family and enjoy your vacation!

  3. That’s so cool, I live in Missouri! Yes everything is so flooded, and it really does mess up the work, thanks for sharing this!

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