Her Wish Is Coming True!!

A few weeks back I shared that we had some very special visitors at our home – the wish grantors from Make-A-Wish!!  These two sweet ladies came to celebrate Ruby’s doctor nominating her to have a wish granted through Make-A-Wish.  Her life-threatening seizures and being medical fragile prompted him to nominate her.  The wish grantors came to hear from Ruby herself what wish they could make come true for her.

I have tears as I type.  When our precious Ruby was left in the hot African sun to die, no one in the entire universe would have believed that God would lift her out of such excruciatingly painful circumstances and place her in a family where she would be treasured, loved, celebrated, cherished, prayed over, needed and given every opportunity to heal, thrive and grow…but God himself.  No one would have believed that one day she would be given the opportunity to wish for whatever she wanted in the whole world – and have it granted!  Only our astoundingly faithful God!  It is humbling to think that we have the privilege of Ruby being one of ours.  Such an incredible gift from our loving God.  And now we have the joy of going on an incredible trip with her – unbelievable!

Many may wonder how someone deemed “non-verbal” could tell the wish grantors, but trust me, they paused, listened and spending time with her they clearly heard her thoughts!!  After listening they said, “Hey… how would ___________ be for Ruby?  Do you think she would love that?”   Dw and I almost fell over – there is no doubt, Ruby’s would love, love, love the idea they had!  We, of course, were overjoyed – anything (it’s amazing) to celebrate our girl!

Because of the intricacies of the wish, there were some concerns regarding Ruby’s fragile state so we opted to pray for God’s perfect will. If each of Ruby’s doctors signed off on the actual wish, we knew the Lord’s blessing was all over this plan!  If her docs didn’t think it was wise, we knew God had a better plan!

So while we were on the road one of the wish grantors called – Ruby’s doctors all said it was okay – her wish is coming true!!  Most wishes are granted about 9 months from start to finish…but they are not wasting time – Ruby’s life is fragile.  They wondered if August would be good??  Eeeeek!! We can hardly wait!  Ruby’s heard all about it and she is giggly – she is going to have the time of her life as we celebrate our precious miracle-girl Ruby!  So what is Ruby’s wish that will happen in August?

We thought it would be a blast for you all – Ruby’s prayer warriors, friends and cheerleaders to guess!!

There are three specific components…

1.  Where she is going.

2.  What excitingly-crazy thing she will be doing….

3.  A second adventure she will have while there as well…

If anyone gets all three I’ll bring you a treat from where we head!

Start guessing NOW!!  


Where do you think this warrior girl of ours is headed and what exactly have they planned for her to do?? It’s truly the trip of a lifetime! 



13 thoughts on “Her Wish Is Coming True!!

  1. I know, I know!!… Ruby will be visiting Paris to bungee jump from the Eiffel Tower! While there, she will also be spending time with a famous chef, learning to whip up an amazing batch of French Fries!
    Okay… I can’t even begin to guess seriously, but whatever it is, I know it will be life changing! I’m so excited for Ruby and you all!

  2. Let’s see…
    My guess is that Ruby will be going to Disneyland. Her adventure is to fly in an airplane to the Magic Kingdom and while she is there she will meet Minnie Mouse who will hug her and give her specail mouse ears. 🙂

  3. Here goes!
    1. Ruby and family are going to Disney Land
    2. Ruby gets to be in the parade!
    3. Ruby gets to ride the Pacific waves in a giant kayak
    God bless you all in whatever adventure is actually coming your way 🙂

  4. Woohoo Ruby!!

    Go big, ’cause God!!

    1. Ruby flies to Africa.
    2. She gets to see her amazing big sister and all the Gems.
    3. They throw a parade in her honor for the amazing kiddo she is!

    Love your family and watching God work through you all!!

  5. My guesses:
    1. Disney, be in a parade, meet the mouse himself or a special princess
    2. Africa to meet her newest nephew, and see a friend from the olden days
    3. A cruise, probably Disney, where she gets to swim on top of the world

  6. Ruby is going to Africa
    She is going on a safari
    She will be the guest of honor at a Gem party.
    Whatever it is,I’m excited for you all!

  7. Okay, Ruby is going to go to Florida and swim with the dolphins, maybe do Disney World, too! Whatever she does, it will be so great to read about her adventures here! You go girl, have a wonderful time, make fun memories with your sweet family!

  8. My guesses…
    1. Uganda!
    2. Participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of Gem Village!
    3. Visit her family, old friends, caretakers, and loved ones in Africa while there!
    My wish for her is to enjoy whatever it is she was granted!!!

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