Ruby’s Wish…..

Oh how we have loved all your guesses!!! And for the record, I wasn’t trying to be mean or ornery – one of Ruby’s sibs suggested how fun it would be to have people guess and well…..the rest is history!!

We have enjoyed reading your ideas – they all sounded so very fun!  But I have to say Melissa S who left a comment on the blog – yours was my personal favorite!  All the guesses of going to Uganda were awesome – and yes, that would have been the very best wish ever...but we would have to bring along her neurosurgeon, all necessary surgical equipment and the entire operating room team!! Of course many of those necessary people probably would have been tickled to go to Uganda – but it was definitely a giant “no-go”.  For real, that would have been incredible!

Soooo….the day we saw Ruby’s doctor and he told us he was nominating her for the MAW trip, Elijah was my ride-a-long buddy.  As Elijah and I were loading Ruby’s wheelchair into the car I questioned him, “So what kind of wish do you think Ruby would want?”  He didn’t hesitate, “Well for one thing it would have to be somewhere warm and sunny!!”  He knows her so well!!  She looks for every opportunity to sneak outside and will head for any sunshine in the yard to sit.  She sits quietly with her face to the sun – I think that’s the place where she most often talks to Jesus and she hears Him whisper!

Yes indeed, when the MAW wish grantors came we shared ice cream together and then went out on the veranda to talk.  As we went out the back sliding door, Ruby immediately wheeled herself into the yard and found the last sliver of sun just before it disappeared behind a mountain nearby.  She wheeled herself into that sliver and sat.  The grantors even commented, “Wow! You’re right – Ruby loves the sun!”

IMG_5359Some of the necessary considerations would be that she be near enough US medical care on her wish trip should we have an emergency.  So that rules out many options.  Ruby loves to swim and loves going on boats!! So the idea of a cruise was tossed into the equation.  However, the wish grantors quickly mentioned that on a cruise ship we would be at the mercy of the other guests who may or may not be fond of Ruby’s squeals, the rooms are small for wheelchairs and there aren’t necessarily US hospitals with highly skilled neurosurgical teams at every port. Good point!

After spending time talking to Ruby they asked, “What about going to Hawaii to swim with the dolphins and take a boat excursion? Ruby could enjoy the ocean, the water, the sunshine, the boat excursion, the dolphins and the staff would love, love, love her and your family!”  People in costumes are not something Ruby is a fan of, so this is not a Disney hotel but the hotel staff has had many, many, many wish families come.  The grantors said that Ruby would be celebrated each moment!  Well, that sealed the deal!


Photo by Konrad Baranski.

So we are headed to Hawaii for Ruby to swim with the dolphins and take a boat excursion! My eyes well with tears.  Who would ever imagined a dying, emaciated, abused baby girl would be celebrated so well!  We are all so tickled. I never would have dreamed we would/could go to Hawaii – but soon we’ll be there! Thank you for celebrating with us!

waikiki-across-the-water-1337860Photo by Staki Guchi

12 thoughts on “Ruby’s Wish…..

  1. Yay! What a WONDERFUL adventure for Ruby and your whole family. I am a sunshine girl, too, Ruby! I get it.

  2. Aloha!! How incredibly fantastic for Ruby and your family!! God always has the most exciting plans!! So thankful!! And maybe Africa can Skype in while you are in Hawaii. ; )
    Happy 4th to all of your beautiful family!! And thank you for your family’s service!!

  3. You are going to have a great. I was able to swim with the dolphins in Hawaii when I was a child and loved it. I am hoping you stay at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. I loved that hotel with the slides.

  4. I actually was going to take a guess that Ruby was going to go on a vacation to Hawaii. I lived in Kona on the Big Island for 25 years and moved to Durango 5 years ago. Oh how I miss my island home. It is my happy planet and that is why I would have thought Ruby would be happy going there too! Aloha Nui Loa!!!!!

  5. That is so great!! What a beautiful place for all of you to soak up some sun and relax. I am thrilled that you are all getting to do this!!

  6. What a blessing!!!! I’m so excited for Ruby and your whole family!! I’m sure you all will enjoy every minute!! Hawaii is on my bucket list!

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