Look at Her Now!!

In spite of all that medical professionals declared over our Ruby-girl this sweet chica of ours is thriving, spunky as ever and now one year older!!   Back when we were bringing her home I wasn’t even sure if she would live through the flights…and here she is on Father’s Day  – celebrating her 9th birthday!! She spent the entire day giggling, squealing, talking and rockin’ turning nine years old like an old pro!  All praise to God – He is truly the one who performs miracles!

Since Ruby’s series of grand mal seizures in early March she’s been back in our bed so when she awoke on her 9th Birthday (Father’s Day) there is no doubt she knew it was her big day. She was so excited that it was her birthday that she woke up just before 4am and let out a squeal – she *knew* it was her day and we were gonna’ party no matter what time it was, she was going to wring the day dry!  Truth be known I had hesitated telling her on the days leading up to it because I knew she would be so over-the-top giddy and might not sleep well… but I couldn’t resist!!

Our beautiful girl had a blast being celebrated – even on our early morning walk around the park she enthusiastically greeted each person we passed with “hi”.  I had a feeling she was hoping they would know it was her birthday – so of course Mama told them!

Then it was on to breakfast in bed for both Ruby and Daddy to celebrate his Father’s Day – Paleo biscuits with an egg on it and a gluten free donut!

Forgive me – some of the pictures are blurry, because she was giggling and carrying on like a party-girl should!  Trust me, when Emma and Dw found her – no one would have ever guessed, in a million years, Ruby would one day be giggling, “talking” and entertaining all of us so much so that the pictures would be blurry!IMG_5793


It just seemed kinda’ appropriate that Ruby would share her birthday with Daddy for Father’s Day this year!  They are tight buddies because she really does know that he and Emma fought for her life!  Daddy always says after a hard day at work, “I just need to see Ruby, hear her squeal and the world will be right again!”   Truly, this girl of ours lifts hearts every single day!

I kinda’ think some may raise their eyebrows and wonder, “How could Ruby, with all her needs really make their day so joyful?”  But friends, there is something so powerfully beautiful about her life and all the lives of those with significant needs.  They are each such  a precious gift to all who take the time to know them.   

As I type this, Isaiah is reading to Ruby in our little library.  She has started to giggle and giggle and giggle.  He continues to patiently read to her.  He’s so kind.  He calls her something that sounds like, “Gigga-roo”…and every now and then I see him walk buy and tenderly give her a little peck on her cheek as he says, “Hey gigga-Roo…”. It makes me smile – such a blessing she is to all our lives.  Our lives are so much better with her in it. 

Paleo biscuits with strawberries and #allthewhippedcream cause ya’ know…it’s all about the whipped cream!






Isn’t our newest 9-year-old so beautiful??







Ruby has almost mastered opening presents on her own and this girl is all about the presents (she’s like her daddy)!!  She also thinks it’s hysterical to pretend she’s going to eat the tissue paper – which makes us all laugh!  She’s clearly an entertainer!



Nehemiah eagerly jumped down behind Ruby to showing his little sissy how to work her new microphone….IMG_5351

Birdie loved the party…


Well she loved it until…


She realized the presents were for Ruby…


Poor baby girl…life is just so hard some days…..

In the meantime…there was lots of joyIMG_5768



Plenty of silliness – Jubilee loves to raise her eyebrows up and down – it makes it all laugh…

and family….cause it’s like forever.



Feel free to wish Ruby-girl a very happy 9th.  I will read her each message she gets and trust me, she loves to hear from her friends….


21 thoughts on “Look at Her Now!!

  1. Many happy returns, Ruby, all the way from England!
    I’ve followed your story from the beginning and can’t believe how beautifully you have grown up. Have fun today!

  2. Hey there sweet Ruby! You are a blessing! Wishing you a very happy happy birthday!!
    With love from Western PA…the Koss family ❤️😄

  3. Happy Birthday from Maine Ruby! I so enjoyed seeing the pictures of your birthday party. Wishing you a wonderful year!

  4. I get the joy. We have it here too. Big family. Special kids. Lots of love. Jesus lives here. Pure joy. ♥️

  5. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUBY!! I had so much fun looking at all the pictures of your special day and party! How special to have it on the same day as Father’s Day, so you and Daddy could both be celebrated! I laughed about you tricking your family about eating paper! I like to trick people, too, and then we all laugh together! Sometimes they trick me, too!! You are a beautiful girl and I just love your pretty smile! God loves you so much and I’m glad he gave you such a wonderful family!! Have you heard of Iowa? That’s where I live.

  6. Happy 9th birthday, gorgeous Ruby! You all look so wonderful! And Happy Father’s Day to Dwight! Praising our Father for all this joy!

  7. I am a little late to the party, but Happy Birthday Miss Ruby! I love seeing all those giggly, squeal-y pictures of you. Such a big smile! It looks like you had so much fun being the birthday girl!!

  8. I was having a bad day! Not anymore. God brought some saunders kids to mind and i decided to check the bl9g for some jiy. I havent even read the post. Im happy as a clam. Ruby saved the day. Let her rule the world forver..
    .i.mean god does that but ruby helps a lot. You know what i mean!

  9. Hi Linny, looking at the photos, that lovely chica will one day just get to her feet unaided and start to walk. I can just feel it. What saviours the Saunders Family have been to that little sweetie and what joy she has brought you all. Hugs x

  10. Happy birthday, sweet Ruby Girl! What a BIG girl you are now! I LOVE to read stories about you and your family. You are a special blessing to us all! Love you bunches!

  11. Happy Happy Birthdays Ruby girl!!!! Love when your mama posts about you! I mean we love all of you… but there’s something extra special about Ruby’s story of Gods goodness!!
    Love from Ohio!

  12. Happy (late) birthday to you, Ruby! Your life is a precious gift from God! May you know the love of God more and more each day of your life and may you continue to share the joy God has given you with each person you meet, all for the glory of the Lord! May God bless you always!

  13. Happy belated birthday, sweet Ruby! Linny, I can’t believe she’s sitting up on her own on the bed!!

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