Three Days Left…

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Orphan Wares is running a November special….

Order three items and receive free shipping {because of a generous donor who loves the orphan and OrphanWares}, through the end of November…

As the holidays approach, what better way to shop then to know that your purchase allows orphans to eat?

This month International Voice of the Orphan was able to also provide over 3,000 meals to treasures in India…as well as our feeding program in Uganda.  ONLY Faithful God.

One way that the treasures are fed is because of artisans and crafters who donate their talent, time and resources to Orphan Wares and then friends of the orphan go onto the Orphan Wares website and shop – how amazing is that?

Totally – Win/Win

Whether creating or shopping – the orphans win!!  Imagine that!!

Since I last reported….IVO has now fed over 23,000+ meals through our IVO Frontlines+ Feeding program.

How stinkin’ cool is that?

You guys are part of that – so rejoice with us – and thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you are an artisan/crafter or have a shop and would love to help orphans and vulnerable children eat – consider making even just one item and donating it to Orphan Wares – where 100% of the proceeds goes to feeding the kids…

To learn more about donating your crafts and arts or vintage items and be His hands and feet go to Orphan Wares, go here.

And to take advantage of the free shipping offer, hurry – only three days left!

7 thoughts on “Three Days Left…

  1. Hi There, Melanie here from happyhartmanfarm I am trying to set up a shopping blog roll… with blog addresses or websites etc. that people can click to to do their shopping… I added the above as my first. As this is where and when the idea popped into my head. However it takes you to a different place??? Can you goto our blog please and check it out. Bless you!

    1. Hi Melanie! I would love it if you would add to your list! It is a central website for adoptive families to sell items to help fundraise for their adoption. There are several families selling items on the site now, so it would be great to get some shoppers over there to buy some of their great things!

      Amy P.

      P.S. Are you still making goat milk soap to sell?

  2. Just a suggestion for your orphan wares website. Perhaps you (or whomever updates the blog for you) could have a link titled "new items" so that those of us regulars could drop by the site and not have to scroll through everything to look for new items. I know it would be helpful to me, and might encourage people to come back to shop if it didn't take so long. Keep up the great work!

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