Our Place of Praise

Today we come together, across miles, countries and continents to stand together in praise and worship.

We worship Almighty God because all of His promises are true.

We can stand firm.

We can trust Him.  

He is faithful.





God always keeps His promises.

Every single one of them.

Not once has He decided to take back a promise.

He is completely trustworthy.

We have worship music playing today – yes the same song over and over and over.

We are hiding God’s word in our heart in worship preparing for tomorrow’s day of prayer and fasting.

Personally our family is contending for some major mountain moving miracles – 
and we are trusting Him that He will do it….

This is the song that is on repeat at our home and has been for days now….

Written by Kristian Stanfill based on Psalm 3.  Today we studied Psalm 3 in our Bible study. Powerful faithful building stuff – clearly inspired by God Almighty, declaring God’s promises never fail.  

Please share your declarations of praise, worship, scripture
here as we prepare for tomorrow’s day of prayer {and fasting}.    
Tomorrow we will have a separate post for prayer requests.

15 thoughts on “Our Place of Praise

  1. I am so thankful that God is always with me. I do not have to pray myself into His presence or beg Him to come near. He is with me always. He will never leave me or forsake me and because of that I am never alone. When I do feel alone or lonely, I only have to stop and broaden my gaze to see Him – steadfast, ever faithful and patiently waiting for me to turn and fix my eyes on Him. Jesus the author and finisher of my faith.

  2. I am so thankful that it is not about me. That it is all about Him. He loved me first. He gave me the gift of faith. He sanctifies me. He 'finishes' my faith.
    It is not about my ability to be a 'good christian'. It is about His ability to hold me in the palm of His hand. It's about His faithfulness, His goodness, His power, His strength, His love.
    It is not about my ability to make myself into a better reflection of Him. It is about His ability to change my heart in ways I didn't even realize it needed to be changed. It is about His Holy Spirit working in me and controlling me.
    All I have to do is bring myself to Him not once but over and over and over again and then rest there while He does His work in me.
    Thank You, Thank You Jesus that it is ALL about You.

  3. REJOICING! So very thankful to Jesus for protecting me. April 6, 2014, I was thrown from my horse. I broke my pelvis in two places and fractured a couple of vertebrae…it could have been so much worse. I do have a long recovery ahead of me, but I am so thankful my legs work! I'll walk unaided in about 5 weeks. I have a 6 month road to recovery. BUT I AM ALIVE AND MY LEGS WORK! Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus for protecting me from further injury.

    Rejoicing in Middle TN,

  4. I post Friday Encouragement every week. (It started back when Friday was "visit day") Stop by tomorrow to see our latest praise!
    But the praise for the moment is the way God has provided for us as a family and how God has protected our baby. Someday I will blog all our miracles! We are thankful that God is the father of the fatherless!

  5. I sat on the beach, a vacation for the first time in nine years, and glanced down at my side. There sat our ten year old son…ten months a member of our family. Tears flooded my eyes. Thoughts flooded in. Seven years…seven…laying in a crib in an orphanage. Three years often kept in an outdoor shed. All I could think is redemption. The sun filtered through his hair and the wind blew against his cheeks framing a smile.


    OH GOD…you are great in your power. You move governments. You move mountains. You brought one son up to you and granted us his brother.

    He sat surrounded by three little ones making castles in the sand. They gathered stones and seaweed. Three little ones that fill our hearts. GOD IS SO GOOD!

    I looked to the ocean. Waves breaking over five older children as the laughed…belly laughed….with their father.

    Oh God…CREATOR…Father….your beauty can not be surpassed. Thank you……thank you

  6. During our particular storm, I keep repeating that I will not fear, My God is with me. What can mortal man do to me? While our waiting for our son's adoption to be finalized, I have drawn closer to God than ever before. And these last 15 months have been the hardest we have ever faced.

  7. Thank you Almighty God that your promises are always true. Always.

    Oh, my God, He will not delay
    My refuge and strength always
    I will not fear, His promise is true
    My God will come through always, always

    The words penned by Kristian Stanfill based on Psalm 3 are for me/the situation and God you are so amazingly good. I cannot ever stop praising you!!

  8. Thank you for the prophetic symbol for the Memorial Box that was given BEFORE the storm came. I marvel at your provision, protection and promise. Thank you faithful God.

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