“Do You Want Mommy To Come Home?”

Anyone who knows Ruby, 
knows that she loves to suck her left index finger.
A few months ago when she and I were out alone, 
she was sucking her finger and
I asked her, “Hey Ruby, would you please pull
your finger out and talk to me?”
Of course I had no idea what she would do.
Less than 10 seconds passed and she pulled her finger 
right out.  I was giddy, 
“Yay!! You want to talk to Mommy!”
From that day on, I regularly ask her to take
her finger out so we can talk.
And each time, with little exception,
she takes it right out.
Ruby-girl is so stinkin’ smart!
Anyway, so a few minutes ago I was
Skyping with home.  
{I miss them so much!}
Ruby was sucking her finger
and, of course, I asked her to take her finger out 
so we could talk.
She immediately did.
And although the connection was very pixilated,
it was clear enough for that little miracle-girly-girl of mine
to make one thing perfectly clear…..
I asked Ruby one question,

“Ruby, do you want Mommy to come home?”

Turning her head to the side and flinging it straight at the
computer she emphatically shouted, 
Liberty was sitting beside her
and we both exclaimed, “Oh my gracious Ruby!
You told Mommy you miss her!”
We went on and talked a bit
and because it was so much fun the first time
around, I had to ask her again,
“Ruby, do you want Mommy to come home?”
Without hesitation,
she flung her head again and shouted,
Check out her sweet smile!
Ruby was being quite rowdy –
and before long, 
she was playing with Liberty’s finger
and reached down to take out a big ol’ bite…
She thought she was so funny
and was giggling…
she especially enjoyed the shriek as 
Liberty pulled back her finger!

I told Liberty that I think Ruby is probably trying to say,

“Give my mom back or I’m going to gnaw your finger off!”

Not to worry Ruby,
Mommy will be home soon
and then we can snuggle
till the cows come home.
And since we live in the city of Phoenix,
that’s a really, really long time!

6 thoughts on ““Do You Want Mommy To Come Home?”

  1. Oh my, Miss Ruby is constantly amazing us with her abilities! Isn't God good? Nothing is impossible and Miss Ruby is just a hint of what God is doing! I love your family!

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