Check Her Out…

Ruby girlfriend is up to it again…
and our family is shoutin’ for joy!


The little treasure who some said 

“would never do anything”…

Ya’ that girl.

While I was in Africa Dw and I were skyping and 
he couldn’t wait to tell me…

He’d been lifting Ruby out of her car seat 
and whispered to her

“Oh Ruby-girl when are you going to be hug daddy?
It’s okay if you never do, but if you ever do,
Daddy just won’t know what to do.”

And as he lifted her into his arms to put 
her in her wheelchair,
she wrapped both arms around his neck and 
holding tightly, she squeezed his neck.
She didn’t let go.

He couldn’t tell me without tears.

It’s true, Ruby had never hugged any of us.

In fact, she only would arch her back 
when we had her picked up in a
upright holding position….

The hug that she gave daddy was the only one…

Then today, 

Ruby was on the floor and Liberty came over and 
stood with her legs on both sides of her.

Ruby took her hands and reached them up
Liberty’s legs…

Liberty questioned,
“Ruby do you want me to pick you up?”

Liberty went ahead and picked her up…

To which Ruby instantly snuggled herself in…

Trust me, this simple gesture
that most babies do was an enormous step
{just like hugging daddy that night was}…

I grabbed my camera as quick as I could…

Ruby just remained snuggled in…
Until she heard my camera snap the picture

and she turned and lifting her head, 
she grinned at me…

And turned even more for a better view….
{As if to say, “Mommy are you taking my picture again?”}

She then grinned from ear to ear,
as if to say,
“Did you catch that lovin’ I’m giving my sissy mom?  
Did you see it?  
Aren’t you so proud of me?

I have been praying that Ruby would 
understand the idea of a camera…
and be able to smile for it…

It appears the Lord is answering that prayer as well!!

PS Special thanks to all who prayed that Ruby would have a 
great interview yesterday.  She rocked it and entertained everyone 
with her joyful smile for a bit while in her sitting position with Artemis. 
We praise the name of the Lord – may God be glorified in it all.

36 thoughts on “Check Her Out…

  1. Look at her right eye in addition to the wonderful snuggle! Oh that girl is showing the world and will lead them to Christ! We love you Ruby and love seeing you do it all in His perfect timing!
    PS. Love your outfit Miss Ruby!

  2. Her sweet precious little head is rubbing on stuff and giving her little bald spots…a super cheap and easy way to stop the friction is to use a silk pillow case behind her head on everything, her car seat, wheelchair, any standers, walkers, etc. You can buy them at Target, Walmart, or on Amazon for about $5-$10. It has done wonders for our kiddos hair that is missing due to friction. (Just a thought!)

    1. Awww Jolene, I wish it was from friction. If you look closely you can see it's not all on parts that would normally be in a place of friction. Sadly, it's from the bazillion scans of her head…too powerful and killed her hair follicles…serious stuff. ugh. Thank you though.

  3. Praise God his word stomps out mans words. Standing with you and believing for great things for little Ruby. Her life shouts His faithfulness.
    Oh and today God put Graham on our hearts so we prayed for him and watched one of his videos and our believing for big things in his life. He is a blessing and we just love his gift.

    1. Yes, He definitely STOMPS them out. And thank you for the prayers for Graham. I can't wait to tell him. No doubt, God is going to do something…just believing for the break…xo

  4. I will never forget the first picture I saw of Ruby. That image will live in my mind as a reminder of God's great love and faithfulness. I'm reminded even more so when I see a picture like this. I'm humbled and in awe.

  5. What a wonderful miracle Ruby is and God knew exactly what he was doing when putting her with parents who would be able to meet her care needs. If it was me, for instance, I wouldn't know where to begin nor have the necessary finances. I am just wondering, Is Ruby still unable to see? Her eyes always look so alive, as if she were taking everything in. Knew God would bless everyone with a perfect interview. Smiles and smiles. Thank you God.

    1. Isn't it soooo cool to have a front row seat in Ruby's story? That's the thing I say to Dw over and over…This is all-God and we get to watch from the front row? So thankful for Ruby's friends around the world!

  6. I'm all weepy reading this.

    Those pictures – praise God for that nearby camera! Praise God for those amazing acts of affection. And praise God for that joyful and mischievous spirit of hers! So very thankful for God's provision in bringing her home and making her testimony undeniable!

  7. My eyes teared up as I read that Ruby hugged DW and then snuggled with Liberty. What I have noticed from Miss Ruby's photos is a sense of awareness of all that is around her that certainly wasn't there in times past. Just as so many have prayed, God is doing something big in Miss Ruby's life! Thank you for your faithfulness and love to this beautiful child.

    1. It's true Vicky – it's true!! She's truly "with us" now…for the first year home there were only glimpses that she was aware of anything…and then we began to see steady involvement and recently I told Dw, "She's with us all day – she really is!" I cry as I type. It's beyond miraculous!!

  8. Linny, my cousin adopted a special needs preemie almost 15 years ago. Rachael was 17 months old and not even holding her head up. She had a trach and oxygen and a stomach tube. She had spent her whole little life in a hospital bed. Abandoned by her parents, my cousin took her as a foster child with the intent to adopt. The directors of the foster program did their best to discourage Jennifer from taking this child that "would never be anything but a vegetable." Her diagnoses included blind, deaf, mute, and would never walk or eat. Jen said that she knew the minute she saw Rachael that she was her daughter! Well, Rachael turned 16 last July and despite being significantly developmentally delayed (eight or nine year old mentally) she has none of those dire issues. In fact, Rachael's BFF, her 17 year old cousin, wrote a grant and Rachael is now a high school cheerleader at all the home games! Love, love our treasure more than words can say! Love reading about your treasures, too. Ruby is precious, just like her name says! 🙂

  9. this is so heartwarming 🙂

    and this also means that Ruby understood what Dwight whispered to her… she's picking up on the language more and that's wonderful! 😀 soon she'll be talking before you know it! 😀

  10. I love this post, Linny. Ruby radiates joy – what a powerful transformation has taken place in her life – only God could do that! Thanks for sharing with all of us – your family is a beautiful inspiration!

  11. Amazing Ruby updates like this are truly my favorite posts on your blog. I read each post, but these ones just make me SO happy!! Ruby looks so old here… Like a little girl now! How sweet that she learned to hug and snuggle… I can't wait to see what other amazing things she accomplishes!! And I hope you get a special Ruby hug soon 🙂

  12. I do not know which is more precious…The love and smiles from Ruby or the absolute joy exploding from Liberty's smile. What an amazing gift Ruby has in a sister who obviously delights in her! Not many young ladies beam joy and excitement like Libery's face in these pictures!

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