This post is for moms who have had life just go a little lot of haywire.  I’m talking the “this is not-for-the-faint-of-heart kind of stuff.  The things where you say, “I couldn’t make this stuff up.”  The things all-at-once that if you were a quitter, you’d have packed your bags and headed to a deserted island….


What a Difference!!

A year ago today was Leap Year and Liberty and I were in China. It was one of the fourteen most monumental days in our lives as a short little princess walked (okay, so it was against her will) into our lives. Thinking back to China I cannot help but smile and rejoice at all…



As an adoptive parent of older little ones, I remember being so sad to have missed all the “firsts”:  first smile, first bath, first tooth (which in this mama’s opinion might actually be a perk.  Teething is so not fun for anyone!), first crawl, first step…. BUT seriously, no doubt, every mama longs to have…


Our Girl Birdie

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve found bonding to be a delicate dance. Some steps forward, some back, some round-n-round, some waltzing, some tripping, maybe even some head-banging…always overshadowed with large doses of prayer…and then ever-so-slowly things begin to breakthrough… True smiles begin….. And they just keep coming… And most mornings I’m greeted by this expression…